Wednesday, September 24, 2003

One Band Wagon I Won't Be Jumping On
Right now the Astros are down 1-0 to the Giants in the 7th. If the Astros end up losing, the Cubs can pretty much nail down the Central with a win tonight. Unfortunately for the Cubs, Baker is starting Estes (ERA 6.19). Now the Cubs still have a good shot at winning since they are playing the Reds. But at this point I think starting anyone over Estes is a good idea. He has allowed opponents a 312 BA and 476 Slug %. On top of that, he allowed 16.3 men on base per 9 innings for the year.

In any event, it looks like 3 wins out of the next five will at least give the Cubs a tie in the division at year end.

UPDATE: Pinch hitter, and ex-Cub, Jose Vizcaino drove in two runs. Score now 2-1.