Sunday, September 07, 2003

Money Time
I have been waiting for this series for a long time. Well, at least a couple of weeks. The matchup for Monday is Colon v. Lohse. Colon hasn’t pitched against the Twins this year, while the Sox have teed off on Lohse. They’ve scored 12 runs in 15.2 IP in three games this year. And in the words of Hawk Harrelson, they’ve had 19 hits off him and 13 have stayed in the park.

I like the pitching matchups for the series. For all of Manuel’s faults, he did a nice job of setting up the rotation. No doubt about it, this is the biggest series on the South Side in three years.

I also think the Sox have the mental edge going into the series. The Twins owned the Sox in 2001 and 2002. But the Sox are 7-5 against the Twins this year and won the last 5 out of 6.