Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Big Frank A Yank?

It seemed unthinkable at the beginning of the year but there is a small chance that the Big Hurt could be on another ballclub next season. While his numbers are still below his career averages, he has again become one of the top hitters in the league.

Frank has a unique contract that gives options to both him and the club each year. For example, Frank can exercise an option to stay with the Sox next year for $6 million. If he doesn’t exercise his option, the club can exercise their own option to keep him for $8 million. If Frank exercises all his options, he is guaranteed at least 27.5 million over 3 years ($6m, $8m, $10m + $3.5m buyout in year 4).

Now it would be in Frank’s interest to accept anything over $27.5m, especially since if the Sox want to keep him his guaranteed money will increase by $2 million in the first year. The question is, would any team out there offer him a contract in the range of $10m per year for 3 years. Well, looking at the DH stats for the year, it sure does look like the Yanks might be interested. Clemen’s retirement will free up some extra money for the Yankees and I’m sure Steinbrenner would enjoy turning the screws on Reinsdorf.