Thursday, September 04, 2003

Back To Square One

The Sox are now tied with Minnesota with 23 games left. Minnesota has a much easier schedule but the teams have to play each other 7 more times starting on Monday. But before we look ahead, a quick review of last night's forgettable game.

Both teams wasted scoring opportunities. I don't want to relive each opportunity wasted, so I'll just name names. Ordonez, Lee and Everett all failed with a runner on third and less than two outs. One hit blows the game open.

All Chicago third base coaches named Kim(m) should be fired. When you can tell on TV that the guy won't be able to score from first, you should be able notice the same with the play right in front of you.

Where would Minnesota be if they still had Ortiz?

Finally, is Nomar always this bad in the field? He didn't have an error, but he did have trouble on three ground balls. All were makeable plays, two to his right and one to the left. He did throw out Rowand at home in the ninth, but other than that, he looked awful.