Wednesday, September 03, 2003

September Baseball

A strange thing happened yesterday. Important baseball games were played on both sides of the city in the month of September. Both of last nights games were close and the remote received a good workout.

The Cubs were robbed of a bases loaded double that would have at least tied the game. I'm sure everyone saw the replay on ESPN, so enough about them. The Sox scored only one run in their game, wasting 2 out of their 3 leadoff doubles and a gem by Colon. Big Frank probably cost the Sox a run in the third with another baserunning mistake. With the bases loaded, Everett hit a high pop that looked like it was going to be caught but landed in short right field. Somehow Mags made it to second but the Red Sox were able to force Frank out at third. These are things that usually slip under the radar during September in Chicago. Not this year.

Update: John Kass also notices the strange September. ESPN too.